Hibernation and change in direction

By Grandmaster Oakley

Several months ago, I commenced a period of hibernation and long meditation. The reasons why I had to start my hibernation was simple. I had run out of energy. This issue is not mine alone however, I see a lot of people, everywhere suffering from the same.

The legendary Healing Bird, Caladrius (the inspiration for our brand) could only continue to heal sick patients if it was allowed to fly freely and disperse into the atmosphere the illnesses it had taken on from its patients. Legend has it that these birds became extinct because members of the royal court kept these birds locked up for their own use. As a result of not being given the ability to fly freely and disperse the illnesses they had taken on, the birds became ill themselves and ultimately perished.

It is vitally important that energy workers, for example those who work as reiki masters, light workers, energy therapists, or Qigong masters give themselves time to re-energise or neutralise the sick energy they have taken from their clients and patients.

Qigong masters commonly take time out, to re-energise, or simply limit the hours in the day they see clients so that they have enough time to recover. Martial arts grand masters in Ancient China would routinely take periods of long meditation or hibernation, sometimes for months. This practice is not so commonly applied in other energy fields of work – which is something that needs to change. Energy travels unimpeded through inanimate objects, through trees and plants, through people, their skin, their blood, their tissue and each other. Essentially, energy is everywhere and passes through everything. It is not something that can be easily contained or constrained and we need to be careful about the flow of energy, good and bad.

My hibernation had been calling me for many years, but I have not had the opportunity or the courage to take it. Until recently.

I’m writing this article because I have seen many, many natural and professional healers or empaths fall into the trap of taking on the energy and health burdens of other people, consciously or unconsciously to the detriment of their own health. This in turn starts a vicious cycle where illness circulates around in circles. Many of our own Healing Bird consultants have suffered this way.

Seeing the signs over the last few months, I recognise it is time for a new direction for Healing Bird – the current one is not sustainable. It should no longer be about one-on-one healing, but rather it should be about empowering everyone to know how to heal themselves. There is only so much healing one individual can do. Instead, if everyone knows how to heal themselves, we all benefit as a society and as individuals within society. When you are happy and healthy yourself, you are not an energy burden on others. If we are all happy and healthy, we are not energy burdens on each other and we stop the cycle of illness.

The journey starts with becoming knowledgeable about energy. I recommend you Google bio-energetic healing, energy healing, reiki, chakras, kundalini, Qigong, Tai Chi and feng shui. A system that I have had great success with has been Ashati, which I highly recommend. The journey will be challenging at times and exhilarating at others, but I can’t impress upon the importance of getting started and getting serious about self-healing enough.

Moving forward, I will be working with others to develop materials and courses (which will be made available on the Healing Bird website) about energy and intuition to help people heal themselves.